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Washer & Dryer Repair

Washing machines go hand-in-hand with dryers, so it makes perfect sense that our excellent customer service extends to all your laundry room appliances including affordable clothes dryer repair. We focus on rare European drying machines by Asko, Miele and Bosch to skillfully extend the lifetime of your high-end appliances. Clothes dryers, or tumbler dryers, are appliances that remove moisture from newly cleaned laundry by circulating heat through a rotating drum. Dryers get their heat source (or fuel type) from either gas or electricity and can also vary in design and mechanics. Dryers are primarily constructed with a rotating drum, or tumbler, that circulates heated air in order to evaporate moisture from your wet clothes. A functioning tumbler is imperative to create space between all articles in the load, meaning a problem clothes dryer could be slowing your drying cycles and costing you money in energy bills.

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Washer Dryer Repair

Our advanced clothes dryer repair covers ventless dryers, traditional clothes dryers, spin dryers, condenser dryers, heat pump dryers, mechanical steam compressor dryers, and dehumidifier dryers. Washer dryer repair is a common need for all residences as it is very important to have a clean, unobstructed dryer vent to improve the safety and energy efficiency of one’s home. Clothes dryers are one of the home’s most costly appliances in terms of operation and maintenance, which is why All State’s affordable and high quality clothes dryer repair has been in high demand for two decades and counting. We will arrive on the scene with the right factory-distributed parts you need to fix your American-made Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag and General Electric dryer.

Our technicians will travel to all Peninsula districts including South San Francisco, Daly City, Redwood City, Pacifica and Burlingame to provide the highest quality washer dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator repair and more. Whether you are located in San Francisco, Marin County or San Mateo County, an All State Appliance repairman is nearby and ready to get your household or business back to its full potential.

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