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Mckinley Carlson
April 01

Nothing is worse than a stinky garbage disposal, besides maybe one that doesn’t work at all. I reached out to this company when I realized that my garbage disposal was completely broken down. They did a great job of replacing my disposal.

Alexis Freeman
March 26

I don’t have trouble repairing my home’s appliances, but sometimes I just have the time to do it all. I ran across All State Appliance Repair and the experience was on point. Their service was high quality. They’re now my go-to spot.

Mckinley Carlson
March 22

My dishwasher was making a horrible noise and the next thing I know my kitchen was full of bubbles. I called up All State Appliance Repair in the middle of the night and they showed up fast to resolve the issue. No more bubbles.

Sterling Krueger
March 20

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for a long time, and All State Appliance is the first company I’ve trusted with my appliances. They know their stuff and get in and out without leaving a trace behind. I especially like that they are 24/7 and answer my calls any time of day. Great experience!

Anabelle Brown
March 15

All State Appliance Repair is by far the best repair company we’ve ever hired. They’re honest, on-time, trustworthy and kind. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone. Whether you’ve got a broken dishwasher or kitchen stove, hire them

Pranav Daniel
March 06

There is little else worse than having a broken down refrigerator. When I reached out to All State Appliance Repair I knew I found the right people for the job. They’re kind, courtesy, and always on time. I’d use them again if anything else breaks down

Thomas Stephenson
March 04

I had some wiring problems with my refrigerator and needed a specialist to repair it. Fortunately I had a friend who had used All State before and she gave me their information. These guys were great! That got my fridge back in working condition fast

Jared Delgado
March 02

These guys know their stuff. We’ve got some vintage appliances that we didn’t think we’d ever find repair specialists for. They proved us wrong. They helped with wiring and hard to repair parts. I’d highly recommend them

Robert H
March 01

All State Appliance Repair came out to fix our washer. I described the problem over the phone and the guy knew what was wrong before he got here and had the correct part. He was on time, called a couple times to let me know his status before he got here, and he fixed the washer very quickly. He w...

Jimmy Butler
March 01

Our washing machine broke down and I didn’t know what to do. I found All State Appliance Repair and gave them a shot. I’m very much glad I did. They fixed our washing machine and got it back to working condition fast. Very pleased

Braxton Mcdowell
February 23

I called All State Appliance repair to get our dryer fixed since our laundry pile was growing larger than our garage. They showed up an hour later and got to work. Within the next three hours they got our dryer back in working condition

Allen C
February 22

Quickly diagnosed the problem

Raul came out and quickly diagnosed the problem with my dryer. Very professional and courteous, at a very low cost. My only slight gripe is that he showed up 45 minutes before the appointment so I wasn’t quite ready for him

Mina Rodgers
February 20

There’s nothing worse than your oven going out during a big family gathering. And that’s exactly what happened to us. I reached out to All State Appliance Repair for help. They were there when we needed them and helped us avert disaster

Dayton Walle
February 15

Our family includes 4 children and 2 adults, so we go through a ton of laundry. Needless to say, our heavy duty washer couldn’t keep up. We called All State to repair it on a Sunday afternoon. Our dryer was fixed that evening.

Reina Proctor
February 13

When our dryer broke I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. I called up All State Appliance Repair for help and they were quick to come out to my home. They fixed my dryer fast and for an affordable rate. Great experience.

Erika P
February 09

Charges were less than expected

This guy came within an hour of my call, diagnosed the problem with my dryer before even opening it up, fixed it, and was gone in 45 minutes. Totally friendly and smart, and work is guaranteed, he said call him immediately if there is any problem and he’ll come back for free. The charges were les...

Leilani Castaneda
February 09

I use All State for appliance repairs. I work as a contractor in some parts of the city, but I don’t always have the time to get the job done. I recommend this company because they’re reliable and affordably priced.

Milagros Castillo
January 28

When I’ve got minor repairs I use All State Appliance Repair. But when big issues occur, like wiring problems with my oven, I always hire them for full repairs. They’re kind, fast, and experienced. If you need repairs, I’d recommend them

Zariah King
January 25

In the hot California summers I have to have an ice maker. But our ice machine broke down causing us to have some serious issues. All State came out and fixed our ice maker before things could get worse. Thanks, All State

Estrella Beasley
January 14

My family has a European stove that we love, but when it breaks down it can be difficult to find someone who can repair it. Luckily, All State Appliance Repair does. And they are a great team of people who I would recommend to anyone

Cyrus Massey
January 12

I know nothing about home appliances, so when our refrigerator went out my wife sent me All State’s information to give them a call. Boy am I glad I did. They were on top of the repairs and were very fast in their work. Very pleased with the experience.

Caroline G.
January 11

Already have recommended

Excellent. On time, courteous, respectful, knowledgeable. Rates reasonable. Already have recommended this repair service to a friend

Lorenzo Bird
January 08

We used All State Appliance for Emergency 24/7 support on our dishwasher. They came out to our house within an hour and had it fixed a few hours later. They come equipped and definitely know what they are doing.

Jadyn Torres
January 02

When our refrigerator broke down on us we immediately called All State Appliance. They were very friendly on the phone and answered my questions. They came out to perform the repairs and I was thankful I chose them. Great experience.

Jonathan W
January 01

Best appliance repair company

All State Appliance Repair is the best appliance repair company we’ve ever hired. They are unfailingly honest, conscientious, thorough, clean, and really nice to our dog. We’ve had problems with our Kenmore refrigerator. The freezer part was working but the refrigerator was warm and I had to thro...

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Emergency Appliance Repair

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Emergency Appliance Repair

Service in SF Bay Area 24/7