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Angie Allen
December 07

I am so happy that I hired All State. When I called they scheduled a visit and they came the same day. My washing machine needed some change of filters, these guys did it in no time. Very positive and professional repairman!

Tommy Knight
August 22

It was very stressful for me when my stove broke down. All State took the stress away when they fixed the problem. I must say that they are very honest, respectful and effective. This device was worth the money! Thank you!

Clay Hardy
August 21

Quality and fast service! I had great communication with All State, I am satisfied with them because they did their job better than expected. These guys are very qualified for kitchen appliance repair and I loved the efficiency of their work! Thanks!

Mae Dixon
August 20

My freezer started to make some strange noises and it stopped working. I need fast repair because the food was going to spoil. I called All State and they were here at scheduled time. I must say they fixed the issue quick and before the food was spoiled. Very satisfied with their service!

Jeanne Erickson
August 16

All State is my regular appliances repair contractor when I have a problem in my house. I assure you that these guys are honest, respectful and trustworthy. They fixed the issue fast, their price is affordable and their service is extremely good. Strongly recommended!

Annie Carson
August 15

I am amazed by the professionalism of All State, even though I did reschedule the visit 2 times. They understood my problem, were nice, and came into my house to effectively repair my washer. Thank you guys for your great service!

Peggy Knight
August 11

I strongly recommend All State Appliance Repair if you need any kind of repair for your home appliances. This is an affordable company that helped me with the reparation of my old stove. A trusted contractor is hard to find, but I have All-State Repair now! Excellent job!

Jeffrey Dennis
August 10

This company has everything you want in repairing. They are very informative, gave me very clear information. Smart and effective approach when solving an issue. Thank you All State Appliance Repair for fixing my garbage disposal!

Samuel Wheeler
August 09

All State Appliance Repair has great customer service. I explained to them over the phone my problem with the dishwasher and after 3 hours they came to fix it. They found the issue and solved it quickly. Great service!

Mildred Peters
August 06

All state is a trustworthy and honest San Francisco appliance repair company that I strongly recommend. I had a very positive experience with them repairing my dryer. I am using them again for sure!

Jermaine Lowe
August 05

I only have good words for All State Appliance Repair, they did a flawless job, repaired my oven, and left no trace of being here. These guys are professionals, smart with quick diagnosis skills. Good work!

Erick Herrera
August 05

Imagine a broken washer with 3 kids. A total chaos of laundry. What I need to say for All State is that they understand my need for urgent repair, came to my house the same day and repaired the washing machine. I can't be more grateful to these people! Thank you for all of your work!

Timothy Flowers
August 04

I noted that the refrigerator in our bar wasn't cooling anymore, so I called All State Appliance Repair to do some checks. They were correct on time, very nice and very professional. They explained to me the problem and solved quick. Great service!

Jimmy Woods
July 28

We had great experience with All State Appliance Repair because of their professionalism, accuracy and friendly attitude. They have repaired our 7-year old oven and since then is working as new. Thanks!

Edward Brady
July 25

Excellent customer service! They came the next day, solve the problem and repaired my ice maker in the same visit! All State Appliance Repair are very professional and customer friendly, we will definitely use their services again.

Marcella Massey
July 22

All State Appliance Repair helped us with our dishwasher, there was something stuck in the pipes and the sensors were going like crazy. They fixed it and were so kind and explained to us how to properly use it. Great service, recommended!

Jaime Guerrero
July 20

I am very satisfied with the repair of a washer. All State diagnosed the problem with easiness. They left a clean place after them and I am more than grateful for the care they provided for us. I have recommended them to all of my friends – mostly because of the promptness and price.

Lorene Tucker
July 15

My refrigerator stopped cooling 2 days before a repairman from All State came. They were recommended by my friend and for real, they did a great job. Repaired my refrigerator and I got a good price for the part that needed to be replaced. I recommend All State Appliance Repair!

Eleanor Brock
July 10

My dishwasher was working and in one moment it splashed water on the floor. All State came to our house, opened the machine, did some checks and repairings. It was repaired in max 30 minutes! Thanks for the effort and effective work!

Angel Owens
July 09

All State Appliance Repair is a hard working company that is always responsive to customers’ requests. They fixed the problem with my dishwasher in no time. Effective and quality repair! Recommended.

Kevin Colon
July 01

It was very stressful for me when my stove broke down. All State took the stress away when they fixed the problem. I must say that they are very honest, respectful and effective. This device was worth the money! Thank you!

Louis Copeland
June 27

Very friendly and professional at the same time. All State Appliance Repair are very knowledgeable, professional and a honest company. I am sure that I will use them again. Don't hesitate to call them!

Paula Gibson
June 25

Excellent and professional service! All State Appliance Repair was so helpful, explained the problem with the old refrigerator and fixed it so fast. It is working like new! We are sure that we are using them again!

Jessie Barker
June 22

The refrigerator In my restaurant burst around 12 pm. I called All State, they were here around 5pm. It took them an hour or so to repair it! I am too grateful for their professionalism, effective and careful work! Thank you so much!

Cesar Snyder
June 20

We had our oven heater broken for some time. Meanwhile, my friend strongly recommended All State and I called them. They were very nice, scheduled visit and showed up on time. The oven was fixed so fast, I didn't even notes. Quality and well done!

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Emergency Appliance Repair

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Emergency Appliance Repair

Service in SF Bay Area 24/7